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Woman reading and improving her mental self-care


Increasing Mental Self-Care is all about re-engaging your mind. Strengthening your current skills and actively learning new ones. Attention is focused on growing by setting new goals.

Jumpstart Your Mental Self-Care:

The first thing to do is ask yourself, "what area in my life, do I feel stuck or bored?" Is it your relationship, family life or career? Write down a few areas. Rank them by importance and start with number one.

7 Mental Self-Care Questions:

1.) What is my goal?

2.) What am I hoping to gain by focusing on my Mental Self-Care?

3.) Who can help me reach my goal?

4.) What support groups (online or in person) can I join?

5.) What am I willing to invest in?

6.) How will I know if I'm successful?

7.) What will I do to celebrate small victories all along the way?

Mental Self-Care benefits include building your self esteem as you work toward reaching new goals. As you challenge yourself to expand your thinking, you will gain a deeper appreciation for who you are!

A woman prioritizing her mental self care


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