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Social connections create a sense of belonging.

We don't grow in isolation, we grow in community with other people. Isolation makes us vulnerable and keeps us stuck.

You need to be around people who build you up, challenge you to do better, and help you reach your goals. Making time for social connections allows you to love yourself well.

Jumpstart Your Social Self-Care:

Examine your relationships. Who matters to you? Who do you want to connect with more? What activities do you enjoy and who can you invite to join you? What new experiences do you want to try? Join groups and be open to connecting to new people.

Tips for making new friends - as an adult!

Be genuine - Being fake or trying to impress people stops authentic relationships from forming.

Face your fears - Ask for the person's contact number and call them. Suggest

meeting for coffee, a walk or another activity.

Don't quit - Sometimes forming friendships take time. Don't put pressure on yourself, just keep at it.

Social Self-Care benefits include gaining positive social interactions that can help you relax and emotionally de-stress. The time you invest socially to help others, will more likely be available when you need help in the future.

Image by Joel Muniz


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