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The ability to organize different responsibilities and obligations in a timely manner. Success depends on awareness, scheduling, and time management.

Jumpstart Your Organizational Self-Care:

Ask yourself honestly, do you like how you are managing your family, work, volunteer, and personal life? Write down what you are willing to change.

Be Willing - Approach Organizational Self-Care with optimism. Be willing to learn something new and admit you can improve in this area.

Be Disciplined - Schedule time to write down all your normal weekly responsibilities and events for the month.

Be Intentional - Decide who will complete it, when it will get done, and how you will accomplish it.

Be Strategic - Write. It. Down. Having a plan in your head is not the same as seeing your schedule around your house. Post your intentions on your bedroom wall, refrigerator, or inside your closet door.

Be On Time - Look at your schedule daily. In the morning, know exactly what you want to accomplish for the day. Use reminders in your phone or smart watch to help you stay organized.

Be Committed - Follow through and keep your commitments to yourself. You matter! It won't be easy and you may not do everything you intended, but don't quit.

Organizational Self-Care benefits can provide you with less stress and more peace. When your life and physical space is decluttered you can experience clarity of mind.

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