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Girl, You Are Going Crazy!

Self-care, self-care, self-care!!! Why is everyone always talking about it? How can you even fit one more thing in an already busy schedule, Aaaaaggghhhh!!!!!!!!

Listen, take a deep breath (yes, literally in your nose and out your mouth). Place your hand over your heart and breathe. It’s ok. I get it. Despite how you feel – you can do it!

Take a moment and think about all the AMAZING things you have already done – taking care of kids, dinner every night, leading a team at work, organizing meetings, planning a PTO fundraiser, or nailing a million-dollar account. YOU. ARE. A. BOSS…should I say more?

You can learn how to prioritize self-care if it means a more fulfilled life, right?

Self-care is simply prioritizing you – all of you.

Mom-Care Oasis focuses on 7 areas of self-care: spiritual, emotional, physical, organizational, beautiful, social, and mental. To understand each area in more detail, take a quick peek.

When you are aware of what you personally need in these areas, you can quickly bring balance to your life. Stop feeling overwhelmed and take action.

Ways to take action TODAY

  1. Take 5 minutes to read the 7 areas of self-care

  2. Grab your phone and schedule an appointment with yourself - “My Self-Care Date”

  3. Go to a quiet place and write one thing you would love to do in all 7 areas

  4. Choose one area and invest in yourself – buy exercise equipment, make a new friend, hire a coach, take action and start loving yourself well

"Don't find the time for yourself, make the time for yourself" - #Tamarisms

You won't do everything perfectly, so give yourself grace. The point is to start and keep going. No more stuffing down your emotions - It’s time to thrive!

What is one activity you can do to start your self-care journey?

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Thankful for your heart to minister to, encourage, and equip us.

❤️Make time for yourself; don’t find time!♥️

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