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The 60 Sec Well-Being Check

Take 60 seconds to check on your well-being...

Are you exhausted, constantly juggling work projects and family obligations?

Do you find yourself as an empty nester, but you don't recognize who you see in the mirror?

Have you always struggled to find purpose in your life?

If that is how you feel, please understand that it is not JUST YOU! Many women are in your same shoes, but you have two choices to make.

First, keep going on with life in the exact same way: same routines, same pressures, and same responsibilities.

Unfortunately, it will lead to the same results

Or the second option, you are fed up with all the things pulling on your peace. You are ready to sing like Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls, "I......AM..........CHANGING." (Yes, sing it sister).

When facing difficulties, there will always be the same 2 choices to make:

Just Keep Going vs. Change Your Direction

Everyone isn't ready to make changes at the same time, but if you don't make ANY changes - nothing about your life will change! Think about it, do you want to be dealing with the same struggles a year from now?

When you are ready, here are 3 ways to change your direction

#1 SAY IT - Tell someone - a friend, a partner, a family member that it is a lot going on with you. Gone are the days that you hold how you feel inside and expect other people to be mind readers. Go out for coffee or drinks, just share your truth.

When people you trust know your truth, they will see your vulnerability and can help give you ideas on how to move forward.

#2 SAVE IT - Don't agree to do one more thing! Begin to be your own time saving police. Delegate tasks you can to others and stop accepting new projects, responsibilities, or appointments for a few weeks.

As you notice your schedule freeing up, begin to write down how you feel and the areas you want to be different.

#2 SEEK IT - Find people who can give you specialized support. Accountability plus structure equals consistent success. Invest in professionals who can help you with your debt, weight-loss goals, and with your emotional health.

Don't make the mistake of doing it alone, after all if you could - you wouldn't need to change directions. Hard truths, when met with honesty - open the door for lasting change.

Only you can take 60 seconds to do a well-being check!

Life is too short to just keep going...especially when you know you're struggling.


Let a Mom-Care Coach offer support as you begin to prioritize your well-being. Book a free self-care consultation and discuss a plan to move forward.

Here's to changing directions and the possibility of where that can take you!


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